Rules & regulations

Use of the Courts

While the general principle is to allow members court time of 1 hour (depending on the court rotation system outlined below,) if courts are available at the completion of time allowed, members may continue to play. We encourage all members to be courteous and civil about the process.

The court rotation system is in place to ensure all members get a chance to play and use the courts with the shortest possible wait time in a manner that is fair for all. Rotation times are clearly indicated on the board by the courts:

If a member wishes to use a particular court, they can hang a racquet on the appropriate hook on the board by the courts.

When the rotation time comes, the court must be immediately made available to the member whose racket is hanging on the hook regardless of the amount of time the occupants of the court have been playing or whether or not another court with the same or other rotation time is available.

Courts must also be made available on time for Round Robins and other scheduled events and clinics.

Court courtesy during play

When games are in play on the courts, please be respectful and only pass by courts between points and at the back of the court. For courts 3 and 4 use the side gate behind court 3 and for courts 1 and 2 use the main gate near club house. It is never acceptable to cross the middle of someone’s court or behind when a game is in play.

Tennis balls may be returned to other courts between points by being rolled to the back of the court. It is never acceptable to retrieve your ball on another court while a game is in play.

It is also not acceptable to have children on the courts or court benches unless they are playing.

Please be respectful of others at your club at all times.

Clubhouse, Courts & Lights

Members can help us save energy and costs by restricting the use of the overhead lights to only those in the area on which they are playing.

The court lights must be turned off no later than 10:30 p.m. unless authorized by the President. It is requested that the last person(s) to leave the club after 9:00 p.m. perform a “safety check” of the interior of the clubhouse and ensure all doors are locked. The last player off the court, at night, should turn off the overhead lights by means of the switches (one per court) located on the box outside of the shed.

Guests (not allowed due to Covid-19)

We are happy to welcome your guests and show off our club. All guests must be accompanied by a member and be signed into the guest book, located in the clubhouse, prior to play. The fee is $15.00/day. The guest is permitted to play a maximum of three (3) times during the season.


A child aged less than 7 years old who is present on Club property and not registered in any of the Club’s programs or lessons must be under adult supervision.

Junior Members over the age of 7 have the same playing privileges as senior or intermediate members except on Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m., during which time Senior Members and Intermediate Members shall have priority as to the use of the Har-Tru Courts, except during scheduled competitions or tournaments.


Please note that dogs are not permitted on the tennis club property.