Courts usage


There are six courts at the ROTC. Some members are of the opinion the upper asphalt courts are essentially considered ‘warmup’ courts until a lower clay court becomes available. Please be advised that the upper courts are considered the same as the lower courts where court usage is concerned. They are courts 5 and 6. If members choose to play on the upper courts, that is their decision. They are not permitted to play on an upper court and at the same time hang a racquet on a lower court, to move to a lower court half an hour later.

The principle of court usage at the ROTC is when a member commences using a court on the hour or half hour, they ‘own’ that court for 1 hour. They are not permitted to also hang a racquet on a hook for another court, so they are assured they can continue playing past the hour. Obviously, if a court is vacant at the conclusion of their hour, members can simply move to it and continue playing, for another half hour or hour, depending on which court they move to.

If you require any further clarification regarding court usage, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Mark Boyle

Vice President

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