Message from the President – COVID-19 Update

Dear Members,

I know the last couple of months might have seemed long for some of you, but we have arrived at a point where the government of Quebec is allowing the gradual return of some outdoor sporting activities and we are thrilled that Tennis is one of the first! 

As we have been officially given the “green light”, we are happy to open the Royal Oak Tennis Club for play starting on Wednesday May 20thPlease note that in order to play at the club, you will need to pay your annual fees in full prior to play. Invoices will be sent out shortly. Due to the exceptional circumstances this year we are offering the possibility for members to “opt out” of club membership for 2020. If a member opts out, 2020 membership fees will be waived and the member will be permitted to return to the club in 2021 with no penalty. Note that those who opt out will not be permitted to use the club facilities.

In addition to paying your annual dues, every member will be required to read and sign off on the attached Protocol of PlayParents who are not members of the club but whose children play as Junior Members are required to sign the waiver on their child’s behalf and must take full responsibility to ensure their child is following the Protocol of Play. Please return your signed electronic copy to

With the ongoing pandemic and guidelines provided by Tennis Quebec and Public Health, until further notice, club operations will include the following:

  • The club will be open to play from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Only singles games will be allowed. No doubles play.
  • Members must bring their own can of marked balls and use these only for serving.
  • Members must play their game and leave the premises immediately after. No socializing or loitering on the premises will be allowed.
  • Guests and children will not be allowed to play or hang out on the premises.
  • Court maintenance will be minimal.
  • The clubhouse will not be open, including the bathroom facilities and all outside furniture has been removed, where possible.

Junior Members

Junior Members will have the same playing privileges as senior or intermediate member on the upper courts. On the lower courts, Junior Members will not have priority between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, during which time Senior Members and Intermediate Members shall have priority. There will be no lessons at this time.

Please note that only parents, who are members of ROTC, are allowed to play at the club (no exceptions).

Parents can drop off their child at the club to play and must pick them up immediately after their hour of play and leave the grounds. Children under the age of 7, however, are not permitted to be left at the club without adult supervision. In this case, only one parent in the household will be allowed to wait on the premises while their child plays their match, respecting physical distancing at all times.  

Social Membership

A social member is only allowed to attend social events at the club and play tennis at these functions. Considering all social events at the club are suspended, we will not be offering social memberships this year. 

Court Rotation

On May 20th we are going to open courts 1,4,5 &6. The court rotation system is as usual. Courts 4 and 6 rotate on the hour, and 1 and 5 on the half hour. Please use the gate access closest to your court. To avoid any possible contact, it is suggested that you finish your game a few minutes early to collect your things and leave the court promptly before the next players arrive. 

Finally, we ask that you not leave garbage or any items at the club and only bring items that will return home with you after your match, i.e. reusable water bottles, tennis bags and sports towels. 

We are trusting that you will respect the protocol of play at all times so that we can continue to keep our members safe and healthy while we enjoy the game we all love! 

Arlene Kingsland

President, ROTC