Mohsen’s contribution to ROTC

After the heavy rains throughout the night of Monday and morning on Tuesday, we went to the tennis club at 13:00, hoping
the courts

would be dry enough to play on.

All 4 courts were in perfect condition. The work Mohsen had done on courts 1 and 2 on Sunday afternoon and evening was excellent.

There were no wet areas on Court 1. Court 1 was built after the other courts and has always been a huge problem to keep

tiptop shape.

Mohsen has worked very hard to get our courts open and playable very early this year and to ensure the courts have remained

in excellent condition all year. In fact, I could not believe how hard he worked to get our membership, who he loves, playing

as early as we were. No other club came anywhere near where we did when it came to opening.

Mohsen is the reason our Junior Program is essentially full. For those of you who do understand the significance of this,

the junior program brings on significant revenues and is why our club is seeing a substantial profit. Before Mohsen, we

not see a profit. The relationship he has with children is magical. It is obvious he loves them and they adore him.

He has welcomed visitors and encouraged new people to join. To date, this year, Mohsen has succeeded in getting more than

15 families to become members. You do the math. This represents a significant influx of revenue into our club.

For those of you who spend very much time at our club, you will have noticed that Mohsen is almost always there. He performs

many jobs to better the club and save money for the club, by doing them himself instead of calling a tradesperson to do

If our club is healthy financially, it IS because of Mohsen, his tireless work ethic and selfless dedication to our club.

We are all very lucky to have him at our club. Some of your Board members and other volunteers dedicate time to the club.

However, all of them put together don’t come anywhere near the amount of time and effort Mohsen dedicates to our club.

I hope you all thank him and shake his hand whenever you see him. We are incredibly lucky to have this person make our club

the wonderful place it is.

Mark Boyle

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