ROTC Annual Club Championship – 2020


The list of 2019 Campions will be updated soon.


  • Matches will start as soon as a scheduled court is available.
  • Matches must be played within the time and dates outlined by the tournament
  • Each player shall bring a can of new tennis balls, the winner keeping the unopened can after the match.
  • Each match is best out of 3 sets
  • Regular tie-breaker (first to 7 by 2) at 6 all.
  • Server is allowed 25 seconds between points.
  • 90-second breaks after third game of set and every two games thereafter.
  • 5 min break between first and second set and a 10-minute break between the second and third set.
  • All matches must be played at Royal Oak Tennis Club.

Rescheduling of Matches

  • Failure to play a scheduled match shall result in an automatic default of the player, or players, who could not play
  • Notwithstanding the previous statement, a match may be rescheduled if there is a rain delay or if both players agree to reschedule the match.


  • Two non-consecutive 5 minute injury timeouts are permitted during a match.
  • Failure to play a match due to injury results in default.



  • Any member in good standing may participate in the Club Championship.
  • Juniors may participate with the approval from the club Pro. The club Pro will consult the Vice-President to ensure both are in agreement that the player has the skill and maturity required to participate
  • The winners in both singles and doubles categories may participate the following year and defend their titles
  • Social members are not eligible for tournaments
  • The club Pro is not eligible to play in the Club Championship.