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We are very proud of our competent ROTC Club Pros, Niels and Steven. Both are certified instructors with Tennis Canada. 
We are also delighted that both young men and their families have been long-term members of the club which should inspire some of our junior members!

Meet Our Pros

Royal Oak Tennis Pro Niels Van Noord

   Niels Van Noord

From the age of 5, Niels has won multiple awards for his performance. He began competing at the provincial and national levels at the age of 10; at age 12, he was competing at an international level. He was invited to join the Tennis Quebec team where he remained for 8 years. He also joined the Tennis Canada team where he remained for 6 years. During this time, he traveled across the world and held a top 3 position in the country for years.

Niels is currently on an NCAA tennis scholarship at Monmouth University in New Jersey where he studies Business. He plays position 1 on his team and already holds some of the University’s tennis records. He was named player of the week twice this past semester and he is excited for a new season at the ROTC to welcome back current and new players.

Royal Oak Tennis Pro Steven McCartney

Steven McCartney

Steven is currently studying Engineering at McGill University and is the captain of the McGill Tennis Team. Steven first played tennis at age 5 and joined the Royal Oak Tennis Club a few years later in 2009. He has competed in provincial and national tournaments and spent most of his junior career within the top 30 players in Quebec. Steven has been coaching tennis since 2016 and enjoys working with kids and adults alike. Steven is always up to date about the tennis world and shares his enthusiasm with his students, and looking forward to seeing them once again this season.


Programs and Events

Great clinics are held
at the Club, cardio tennis,
strategic tennis, newbie tennis
to name a few.
Weekly Round Robins are a great way for new members to meet other players.

A competitive tennis singles ladder is a popular activity.

We have two interclub ladies’
teams at the Royal Oak!

Watch for the Club Championships,
always a highlight of the season…


Court Schedule

  • The court rotation system is in place to ensure all members get a chance to play and use the courts with the shortest possible wait time in a manner that is fair for all. Rotation times are clearly indicated on the board by the courts:
  • If a member wishes to use a particular court, they can hang a racquet on the appropriate hook on the board by the courts. Old School!
  • When the rotation time comes, the court must be immediately made available to the member whose racket is hanging on the hook regardless of the amount of time the occupants of the court have been playing or whether or not another court with the same or other rotation time is available.
  • The Har-Tru courts are groomed 3 times a day.